The Purpose of Life 5
Is our purpose in this world, simply to eat, sleep, dress, work, acquire some material gains and enjoy ourselves? Is it our purpose? Why are we born? What is the object of our existence and what is the wisdom behind the creation of man and this tremendous universe? Think about that […]

The Purpose of Life – Video

Winning Our Children Back to Islam By Jeffrey Lang (Audio / Video Lecture) 2
Is Islam really the fastest growing religion? If so, then where are the Muslims and why are our Mosques sitting empty on a daily basis (besides the role call, obligated Jum’uah crowd)? There is a phenomenon happening in the Western Muslim communities and beyond that we are either ignorant to […]

Winning Our Children Back to Islam by Dr. Jeffrey ...

The Purpose of Life in an Hour and a Half by Jeffrey Lang 2
This hour and half will be the best that you could invest for the betterment of your intellect and faith. This does not just speak about the purpose of life itself; it speaks about the purpose of Islam, the purpose of the Quran and the Purpose of our desire to […]

The Purpose of Life in an Hour and a ...

A Guide for the New Muslim by Jamaal Zarabozo (PDF / eBook / Audio / MP3 / CD / ISO Image)
Al-Basheer is proud to introduce a new CD collection from renowned author and Sheikh, Br. Jamaal Zarabozo. The new collection is called A Guide for New Muslims and is one of his best introductions to Islam yet. The collection is also of benefit to those who are looking to revert to Islam, as well […]

A Guide for the New Muslim (PDF / eBook ...

Concept of God in Major Religions 3
There has always been a question in the minds of people about the existence of God. All major religions have believed in one god or another. Thus, believing in a supreme being that is omnipotent and omniscience is essential to the existence of mankind. This video lecture (with Q&A Session) […]

Concept of God in Major Religions – Video

Answers To Non Muslims Common Questions About Islam
Most non-Muslims / Muslims are not convinced about the truth of Islam because there are a few questions about Islam at the back of their minds that remain unanswered. This very well written book / audiobook will answers the common questions in a very logical and simple way a common man can […]

Answers To Non Muslims Common Questions About Islam

Is The Quran God's Word? 1
Islam is not the name of some unique religion presented for the first time by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) who should, on that account be called the founder of Islam. The Qur’an states that Islam – the complete submission of man before his one and only Unique Creator – is the one and […]

Is the Qur’an God’s Word?

Kashf Ash-Shubuhaat (Removal Of The Doubts) 3
Do we know that there are acts, that many of us commit everyday, which break our oath to Allah again and again? After listening to this lecture series, you will be forced to not only question yourself as a Muslim, but the 1.6 Billion people who identify as Muslims. Are […]

Kashf Ash-Shubuhaat (Removing Doubts Pertaining to Shirk)

Unity In The Muslim Ummah 2
A very important lecture by Dr. Zakir Naik regarding of Muslim’s identity. A Muslim should be recognized as a Muslim or as a label of following madhab (e.g., Hanafee, Shaafiee, Hambalee or Salafee)? What is your Muslim’s identity? Watch this lecture to find out your answer according to Quran and […]

Unity In The Muslim Ummah

Sheikh_Hamza_Yusuf_Hanson_-_Purification_Of_The_Heart_Audio_MP3_CD 4
The Prophet spoke about the heart in a manner that leads one to believe that its corruption means disaster for the soul and our happiness. “Purification” is not a state per se, as you will soon hear, but is a process and always so. It is called the “Greater Jihad” […]

Purification of the Heart (Audio / MP3)

Misconception About Islam
The ongoing crisis in the Muslim world and the misrepresentation of Islam sometimes by the media challenges us to answer questions by our non-Muslim friends about our way of life in a simple and concise language. The responses in this lecture are based on actual questions asked from various non-Muslims in […]

Misconception About Islam

Foundations of Islam by Hamza Yusuf (Video Lecture) 7
One of the most popular and effective series for teaching the basics about Islam. These lectures are meant to provide a comprehensive overview of the religion and world of Islam for non-Muslims. The classroom style presentation covers five main areas: the Holy Qur’an, basic practices, core beliefs, spirituality and the […]

Foundations of Islam by Hamza Yusuf

Al Quran with Urdu Translation (Audio / MP3) 9
Al Quran with Urdu Translation (Audio / MP3) Reciter: Mishary_bin_Rashid_al-Afasy Voice-over: Azeem Sarwar (Radio Pakistan’s famous broadcaster) This is the most soothing compilation of Arabic recitation by Mishary Rashed Al Afasy and very easy to understand simple Urdu Translation by Syed_Abu_Ala_Moududi These High Quality mp3 files are available to download, to […]

Al Quran with Urdu Translation (Audio / MP3)

Media and Islam: War or Peace 2
Islam, today, is the most misunderstood religion. It bears the brunt of misconceptions and hate propaganda. The powerful mass media, aligned to deceitful political and corporate interests, spreads these misconceptions virulently… worldwide. While portraying Islam, integrity and reliability are bypassed by the media with professional charm and finesse. Wise and […]

Media and Islam: War or Peace

Best of Dr.Israr Ahmed Video Lecture
Dr. Israr Ahmed (26 April 1932 – 14 April 2010; Msc, MBBS) was a prominent Pakistani Islamic theologian, philosopher, and an Islamic scholar followed particularly in South Asia as well as by a number of South Asian Muslims in the Middle East, Western Europe, and North America. He was the […]

Best of Dr. Israr Ahmed

Tafheem-ul-Quran by Syed Abul Ala Moududi 16
Tafheem-ul-Quran – A complete Qur’an with Urdu translations & tafseer by Moulana Syed Abul Ala Moududi in MP3 / Audio / CD format. It took him 30 years from 1942 – 1972 to complete this great mission. Maududi’s translation and commentary on the Qur’an, “Tafheem-ul-Quran” in easy to understand Urdu, […]

Tafheem-ul-Quran by Syed Abul Ala Moududi (Audio / MP3)

Al Quran with English Translation (Audio - MP3) 15
The Noble Quran with English Translation Recitation by: Mishary Rashid Al-Afasy Translation by: Saheeh International These High Quality mp3 files are available to download, to play in your smart devices or computer, in Zip format or Torrent. Condensed version is also available to download to fit (burn) into blank CD media, to […]

Al Quran with English Translation (Audio / MP3)

Best of Shaykh Hamza Yusuf Video Lectures
Hamza Yusuf is an American Islamic scholar, and is co-founder of Zaytuna College. He is a proponent of classical learning in Islam and has promoted Islamic sciences and classical teaching methodologies throughout the world. He is one of the signatories of A Common Word Between Us and You, an open […]

Best of Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

What is the Purpose of Our Life? - Zakir Naik 2
In this interesting program, Dr Zakir Naik pays the lost people’s attention to a very significant issue. He talks to those who don’t know the purpose of their lives in this world. Even if they want to know, they go astray due to the Devil’s tricks and blind faith. So […]

What is the Purpose of Our Life? – Zakir ...

The Shepherd’s Path is unlike any Seerah class that has been taught by Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef (rA). Get to know Allah’s Messenger SAW in an effort to cultivate your relationship with him. Cry tears of love and yearning for his presence and a desire to see him in the Hereafter, […]

The Shepherd’s Path: The Seerah of The Prophet ﷺ

Deeniyat - دینیات - by Syed Abul-Ala Maududi - Audiobook
مولانا مودودی رحمۃ اللہ علیہ کی شاہکار تصنیف یہ کتاب سب سے پہلے 1937ء میں شائع ہوئی تھی۔ اسلام کو سمجھنے کے لیے اس کو اس قدر مفید پایا گیا کہ بہت جلدی اسے برصغیر ہند میں عام مقبولیت حاصل ہوگئی۔ اس کی جامعیت، اختصار اور عام فہی کی وجہ […]

Deeniyat – دینیات – by Syed Abul-Ala Maududi (audiobook)

Tafhim-ul-Qur’an – The Meaning of the Noble Qur’an (English Tafsir) - Audio - MP3
The Meaning of the Qur’an is a fresh English rendering of Tafhim-ul-Qur’an, Maulana Syed Abu Ala Moududi’s monumental and masterly Urdu translation of the Qur’an and a selection of his commentary. The translator has undertaken the delicate and difficult task of rendering this work in English under the guidance of […]

The Meaning of the Noble Qur’an (Detailed English Version ...

Children Around the Prophet - Dr. Hesham Al-Awadi - Audio MP3
Children Around the Prophet (How Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Raised the Young Companions) is an 8 CD set which introduces a new dimension to the Seerah or Life of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), which has rarely been looked at in past Seerah narratives: Focusing upon how the Prophet (SAW) taught, dealt, and […]

Children Around the Prophet (Audio / MP3)

Talbees e Iblees-The-Devil’s-Deceptions-Imām-Ibn-al-Jawzi
Deception (talbis) is to present falsehood in the image of the truth. And misleading (ghuroor) is a form of ignorance that causes you to believe falsehood to be the truth, and bad to be good. It is caused by the presence of doubtful matters. lblis influences people as much as […]

The Devil’s Deception (Talbis Iblis) By Imam Ibn Al-Jawzi

Qurb-e-Qayamat Series - قرب قیامت سیریز
قرب قیامت سیریز از خالد محمود عباسی اس مرتب شدہ مجموعہ میں، آپ کو روشن خیال لیکچرز اور خطبات کا ایک سلسلہ ملے گا جو قیامت کے قریب آنے کے بارے میں اسلام کی تعلیمات کی گہرائیوں میں سے روشنی ڈالتے ہیں۔ خالد محمود عباسی کی قرآن کی غیر معمولی […]

Qurb-e-Qayamat Series – قرب قیامت سیریز

Fake or Real Taliban
The USA and her allied countries spent 20 years in Afghanistan, spent over a trillion dollars, trained 300,000 Afghan military personnel, and we believe they’ll just back out and leave with their tail between their legs? We think that their mission failed? That they’ll so easily accept that? We should […]

Will the real Taliban please stand up – A ...

BLASPHEMER Who is really insulting Allah SWT, the Qur’an, and the Prophet Muhammad SAW and his legacy? “Do you preach righteousness and fail to practice it yourselves, although you read the Scripture? Do you not understand?” [The Noble Qur’an 2:44] There is no doubt that many people feel very passionate […]


Should the Muslims ask the Non-Muslims for help, support, and protection?
With many petitions floating around yet again about the Al Aqsa Mosque attack by Israeli forces, it is dire that we understand what this act of petitioning the Non-Muslims for aid actually means and if it is permissible, Insha’Allah. “The believing men and believing women are allies of one another. […]

Masjid Al Aqsa – Should the Muslims ask the ...

The Explanation of Imam An Nawawi’s Forty (40) Hadith (English - Urdu)
The collection of Forty Hadith by al-Imam al-Nawawi (or Imam Nawawi) has been known, accepted and appreciated by Muslim scholars for the last seven centuries. Its significance lay in the fact that these selected forty hadiths comprise the main essential and fundamental concepts of Islam which, in turn, construct the […]

The Explanation of Imam An Nawawi’s Forty (40) Hadith ...

Ruqyah Workshop III – Jinn, Black Magic & Evil Eye - Muhammad Tim Humble 3
This workshop aims at equipping those who are dealing with their own afflictions or supporting others & goes beyond our previous workshops with a particular focus on unlocking benefits of the many aayaat and ahaadeeth through a detailed study of their benefits. At the end of the program attendees will […]

Ruqyah Workshop III | Muhammad Tim Humble

مولانا سیّد ابوالاعلٰیؒ کی تفسیر ”تفہیم القرآن“ ہمارے عہد کی معروف و مقبول تفسیرِ ِقُرآن ہے۔ اُردو تراجم و تفاسیر کی دُنیا میں جو شہرت و مقبولیت ”تفہیم القرآن“ کو حاصل ہوئی ہے، وہ معدودے چند ہی کے حصّے میں آ سکی ہو گی۔ اِس کی مقبولیت اور ہر دلعزیزی […]

Talkhees Tafheem-ul-Qur’an – تلخیص تفہیم القرآن – (Audio / ...