Remembering Badr – Sacrifice. Honour. Glory.

The Battle of Badr and the victory of that day is still remembered, as it should be. This was the day that Allah SWT turned the tide for His Messenger SAW and His loyal slaves RA. The Heavens descended to join in a battle that would deliver a crushing blow to those who violently opposed Islam and would bring the Rule of Allah SWT upon the earth.

313 men. We remember them, honour them, and even pray for them, but we do not learn from them. We do not actually comprehend the gravity of what they were able to achieve or what fuelled their passion for Truth and justice. If we did, then each one of us would feel the weight of the responsibility this Deen gives us and we would carry it with grace and dignity as they did. We would look to these men as our examples and what we should strive for even in this time.

You see honour and glory doesn’t come through what we do for this world and how much people praise us, it comes through Allah SWT and His Pleasure. These 313 understood this. They didn’t preach Islam and not live it. They weren’t looking for popularity or praise. They didn’t attempt to impress the Kuffar or bond with them by elevating their flawed system and way of life. They knew what they held in their hands was far more superior. They truly believed that this present life is transient and the Hereafter eternal. They submitted to Allah’s will and they didn’t turn their backs on the responsibility that Allah SWT had given them. They didn’t ask what the Deen could give them or what rights they deserved, they asked what they could do to establish the Deen and what rights they owed! They wanted to be free of the chains of servitude to mere people and their wayward desires. They wanted to be enslaved by their Creator and expected their reward from Him.

We don’t know what this means. We love to relay these stories and own them, but don’t learn a thing from them except some names, some dates, and some events. It’s just another thing to talk about and ritualize. We don’t see how these victories came to be or the state of the intellect of these individuals. An intellect that was developed by the Qur’an and the example of our Beloved Prophet SAW. A guidance we all cannot swallow let alone act upon.

We have to stop chasing ghosts by taking credit for something that we had nothing to do with and definitely do not have the intellect to comprehend. We take our chopped up, pick and choose, hand me down Islam, and think we have it right, thinking it’s enough. We think we have the right to say their names and dare to call ourselves by those names. This is as far as our love goes…some labels. Just like the label “Muslim”.

Let’s paint a picture, so that we can truly understand the gravity of these labels:

Bilal sitting on the couch again and waiting for someone else to serve him and make his life better. Hamza watching the next match or movie and ignoring his family or the faith fading in their hearts and minds. Umar taking another interest loan and always living outside his means under the guise of providing for his family and giving them better. Abu Bakr eating until he can’t stand and can’t even see his toes. Obaidah begging the Kuffar for justice and support instead of submitting to Allah SWT and asking of Him. Uthman not waking up for Fajr or studying his Deen, yet getting up early for work and studying late into the night for that next degree or certificate. Ali not standing for Truth, because it may cost him his friends or that promotion. Khubaib leading the jam’a and giving the Jumuah Khutbah, but not caring about the youth crisis in his community or the fact that the masjid has turned into an exclusive club where only certain people and nationalities are given precedence. ‘AbdAllah not caring about halal or haram in what he consumes, in what he does, or how he earns. Ammar forwarding another disgusting joke to make his buddies laugh and then sharing appeasing or out right inauthentic Islamic posts and forwards that fit his desires perfectly and keep his social circle comfortable in their impenetrable echo chamber ringing with the same “Subhan’Allah” and “Masha’Allah”. Zayd standing in rows at Jumu’ah asking Allah for guidance and to help the Muslims suffering across the world, but not doing a thing outside of that to help himself or anyone else. Sa’d not lowering his gaze yet again and giving into his urges in deplorable ways while his wife sits and waits for just one loving glance. Malik bowing to graves and men while wearing amulets and chanting fabricated recitations, yet ignorant to the basic principles of Tawheed and Aqeedah. Bashir using the Sunnah as a fashion statement while showing off in selfies, pictures of his latest purchases and trips, and self-praising social media posts about his latest charity project or how much he “loves” his family. Asim rejecting the proposal of a pious black Brother for his daughter, but preaching about equality in Islam when he demands his own rights or feels the flames of prejudice licking at his fair skin. Talha reminding everyone else of their religious duties when it serves him, but ignoring his own with a multitude of egocentric and mindless excuses. Muhammad following the Kuffar more than what Allah SWT Commands and justifying it all through misinterpreted Ayat and Ahadith.

Doesn’t sound nice does it? Don’t we hate hearing their names and these acts in the same sentence? Allahu Akbar. Imagine how we humiliate ourselves in front of Allah SWT? How we stand in front of Him bearing these labels without our backs breaking. We should feel ashamed, yet we have the audacity to do it again day after day claiming to depend on Allah’s Mercy without doing anything to deserve it.

The problem is that we are content with our state. We lie to ourselves everyday and just keep trudging on. We stop to criticize everyone else with our desire fuelled intellect and stay blind to our own failures. We are far from where we should be and everyday make the conscious decision to head further in the opposite direction with sacred maps folded up neatly under our arms. We are like the starving man who has a full table of food in front of him, but refuses to pick up a fork, Subhan’Allah.

We are so dependent on this system and being successful in this way of life that we can’t see that it was divine direction alone that led 313 men to victory. It was the command to step up and pledge that Allah’s system is politically, financially, and socially the best and most rewarding system that changed the whole world. 13 years to make 313 dedicated soldiers out of slaves, merchants, aristocrats, and outcasts. What’s stopping you and me and the rest of the billion Muslims across the world besides our desires, fear, and ignorance?

If we really love these men and understand this sacrifice, then we have to honour them by doing something to change our condition. Would they sit idle? Would they find every excuse not to study the Book of Allah and His Messenger’s Sunnah (SAW)? Would they Fatwa shop and attempt to bend clear commands so they don’t have to act? Would they blame the plight of the less fortunate of the Ummah on everyone else and refuse to take responsibility?

Are we more like them or are we more like the enemies who were fighting them? Or, perhaps we are more like the hypocrites who claimed to be on the Path of Allah, but turned back on their oaths when the time came to prove it, Subhan’Allah.

We should really dig deep and think about these things, especially when we think about the Sahabah RA and what they stood and died for.

Do we have it in us? Do we even realize where we are and where we should be? It’s time to pick up the map and stay on track this time, Insha’Allah.

Ahad! Ahad!

– By Anonymous

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