Misconception About Islam

The ongoing crisis in the Muslim world and the misrepresentation of Islam sometimes by the media challenges us to answer questions by our non-Muslim friends about our way of life in a simple and concise language. The responses in this lecture are based on actual questions asked from various non-Muslims in a very logical and simple way a common man can understand.

Below are the topics for which answers have been given in this lecture including a Q&A session. 1. Polygamy 2. Polyandry 3. Hijab for Women 4. Was Islam Spread by the Sword? 5. Muslims are Fundamentalists and Terrorists 6. Eating Non-vegetarian Food 7. Islamic Method of Slaughtering Animals Appears Cruel 8. Non-vegetarian Food makes Muslims Violent 9. Muslims Worship the Ka’bah 10. Non-Muslims not Allowed in Makkah 11. Pork Forbidden 12. Prohibition of Alcohol 13. Equality of Witnesses 14. Inheritance 15. Is the Qur’an God’s Word? 16. Hereafter – Life after Death 17. All Religions Teach People to be Righteous, Then Why Follow Only Islam? 18. Why are Muslims divided into sects / Different schools of thought 19. Vast Difference between Islam and the Actual Practice of Muslims 20. Non-Muslims Referred to as Kafir (Infidel).

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Misconception About Islam – Part 1 – Lecture + Q & A Session


Misconception About Islam – Part 2 – Lecture + Q & A Session

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