The Purpose of Life

The Prophet Muhammad did not bring about a new religion or a new way of life as some people may think. On the contrary, the prophet confirmed the message of all the previous prophets by way of his conduct and the divine revelation he received from the Almighty God. The scripture that Muhammad came with is called the Quran; which literally means, “that which is recited.” Because Muhammad (pbuh) did not write the Quran, he did not author it. But, the angel Gabriel came and recited it to him and Allah made his heart a receptacle to that, just as a satellite is receptive of waves and gives you images. Is there any other book in the history of the world that you know of that has been preserved, without the changing of even a dot? No book—only the Quran. Don’t take my word for it. Go to the library and read any encyclopedia -read what it says about Islam, Muhammad (pbuh), and the Quran. Read what non-Muslims say about Islam, the Quran and Muslims. Then you will see that what I am saying is universally documented; that Muhammad (pbuh) was the most profound individual in the history of humanity. Profound why? Read what non-Muslims have said. The Quran is the most profound piece of literature in history. Read what they said. Islamic life is so comprehensive, precise and dynamic that it has never changed. Read what they said.

All of the previous prophets, their scriptures and their stories and the principle message they came with are mentioned in the Quran with profound detail. Did Muhammad (pbuh) meet them, talk with them, and collaborate with them to write their biographies? No, of course he didn’t.

In the Quran, the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is referred to as the messenger of God, and that is his limit as a human being. Muslims do not worship Muhammad-they are not Mohammedans. We have no right to take the name Muhammad and claim that we are Mohammedans. Normal people who followed Moses were not called Mosesans, or the people who followed Jacob were not called Jacobeans, and the people who followed Abraham were not called Abrahamians. So how do people call themselves Christians? Christ never called himself a Christian. We have to be Christ-like. What was Christ like? He was a servant of Almighty God. So we have to be servants of God. That’s all.

As the final revelation of God, the Quran makes a very clear and concise statement: “This day I have perfected for you your religion, bestowed my favor upon you and chosen ‘Islam’, for you, as a complete way of life.” So through the Quran, the word ‘Islam’ came. Islam did not come with a new God nor did it come with a new order: It is just the word Islam that is new—not the practice, not a new God—just a new name. When a car is on an assembly line, it is not an automobile, when it is complete; when it has been test driven, and accredited only then is it an automobile. Islam was the way of all of the prophets, only was it completed was it called Islam. The Quran termed the name Islam.

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