A Simple Guide to Self Ruqyah – Muhammad Tim Humble

Many of us are suffering and we don’t know how to help our loved ones and ourselves. These problems can range from getting married, getting pregnant, marital issues, struggles with children, finding suitable employment, mental and physical health, spiritual problems, issues with wealth and property or even living under an oppressor. No matter the issues, the solution is always right in front of us, but our focus is skewed. We seem to want to lean on medical science as the only valid solution, but most times there are other factors preventing our betterment and, as Muslims, we have to understand that the solution only lies in Quran and Sahih Sunnah. This lecture will help us to narrow that focus and get to the root of the matter at hand, all while taking real steps towards bettering our lives and our relationship with Allah SWA, Insha’Allah. This is a simplified version of a more in-depth course series by Brother Muhammad Tim Humble, it is highly recommended to also view that as well, Insha’Allah.


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