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As Muslims we believe in the world of the unseen, we believe that there are entities that exist beyond the realm of our perception and understanding. We have all heard of this world whether it was from some tales passed down from generation to generation through our families or stories told by that one elder cousin to initiate the chill down your spine on those dark and stormy nights. As Muslims we do believe in things that go bump in the night and we know how sinister they are capable of being.

The Jinn, magic and evil eye are stark realities of this world and they may be affecting our daily lives and behaviors more than we know or more than we are willing to understand. Prophet Muhammad (Blessings and Peace be upon him) advised that we should do Ruqyah (exorcism) to heal from these afflictions as well as illness. Ruqyah is the recitation of the Noble Quran and Du’as taught to us from our Prophet (PBUH) as a means to heal. It is also referred to as Exorcism.

This series introduces to us to a real life Raqi (one who performs Ruqyah), Abu Ibraheem Husnayn, who has performed many exorcisms in his career. Watch as he guides us through many of his most memorable cases and how this battle between good and evil played out. This series is a must watch, as it opens us up to a world that we do not get glimpses of often and lays to rest many misconceptions and innovated traditions, which can sometimes make matters worse.

“And on the day when He shall gather them all together: O assembly of jinn! you took away a great part of mankind. And their friends from among the men shall say: Our Lord! some of us profited by others and we have reached our appointed term which Thou didst appoint for us. He shall say: The fire is your abode, to abide in it, except as Allah is pleased; surely your Lord is Wise, Knowing.” (The Noble Quran 6:128)

Note: Viewer Discretion is advised as some may find these stories quite intense.

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