The Arrivals Reloaded – English

The Arrivals Reloaded was a WakeUp Project production with the aid of broadcasting media from Ary News UK and Pakistan. This series is the television-adapted version of the original The Arrivals.

We must realize that we are being led down a path that leads away from humanity, from brotherhood, from our Creator. We must wake up to the illusions of this world, before they consume us to the point where we cannot be recognized within the bounds of our faith any longer. Please take the time to watch this film, with an open mind and heart. No one can manipulate you more than your own desires, put them to rest and uncover the truth.

Help your self, because if you believe in Allah and His Day of Judgment, your actions in this life will be your only friends and your own worst enemies.

“Leave them alone, to enjoy (the good things of this life) and to please themselves: let (false) hope amuse them: soon will knowledge (undeceive them).” (The Holy Quran 15:3)


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